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Yellow Yantra Painting





The color YELLOW connects us to the fiery life force of the brilliant sun.

With its positive and uplifting energy, it stimulates the mind, and the knowing that things will work out.


By unblocking our fire chakra or solar plexus, our center of personal power and endurance, 

the YELLOW YANTRA PAINTING helps us to release all shame that is holding us back.

It reminds us to accept and love all aspects of who we are, even our mistakes,

by letting go and lightening up! It strengthens our nerves and our gut feeling,

increases our sense of self-worth, and diminishes fear.

 "I Feel Free to Do and Be All that I Will"

Size: 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm)

Method: Acrylics and spray paint on canvas using hand drawn and cut stencils.

Each piece sold is an original painting, displaying its own unique color application and brush strokes.

Price: $1.800

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