Rose Quartz Yantra Painting





The vibration from this soft delicate color is compassion. It is mild and feminine and emanates the same tenderness a mother has for her new born child. We feel embraced in much love and grace.


The ROSE QUARTZ YANTRA PAINTING helps us to communicate with our soul and heart through gentleness and beauty. It reflects to us our own inner grace and radiance, and emanates the clarity found within our hearts.


The ROSE QUARTZ YANTRA PAINTING supports the awakening of our pure consciousness by softly

whispering to us in the language of unconditional love.

 "I Am Loved ~ I Am Compassion"

Size: 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm)

Method: Acrylics and spray paint on canvas using hand drawn and cut stencils.

Each piece sold is an original painting, displaying its own unique color application and brush strokes.

Price: $1.800