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Red Yantra Painting





The color RED connects us to our most primitive needs and our assertiveness. 

It supports our physical and financial state and grounds us.


The RED YANTRA PAINTING helps clearing out all fears about survival as it unblocks our base energy center or our Earth Chakra, allowing sustaining, and life giving energy to flow from Mother Earth. 


RED has releasing, expanding and energizing power, and RED strengthens our courage and urges physical action. Red is also the color of passion, and passion for life and hence stimulates our will to make things happen and move forward in our life.

 "I Am Grounded and Provided for ~ I Am Life"

Size: 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm)

Method: Acrylics and spray paint on canvas using hand drawn and cut stencils.

Each piece sold is an original painting, displaying its own unique color application and brush strokes.

Price: $1.800

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